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Terms and Conditions

Normally, as a Company, we should list here a fully drafted set of conditions produced by a Solicitor or Legal Professional however, as a Family run business feel that that is a little unnecessary. We are open, honest and believe a straight forward approach is all that is required, to provide you with the best possible service you can expect to receive from us.

We will promise you that we will only use the finest products available to us as Professionals in our Industry and at all times we will use the most modern and up to date equipment that we feel, with our continued training and learning, is suitable in providing you, our Client with “the most thorough clean ever – guaranteed”

We will, at all costs, avoid any possible situation that you are disappointed with the overall result of the service that you receive from us. At the time that we arrive to quote for you, or, if we have booked an appointment to clean for you over the telephone, we will meticulously examine and advise, with our expert knowledge, what you can expect from the cleaning process.

Remember, we cannot restore your carpets and furniture to show room condition if it has been through the mill and back and you must not let any other Company tell you otherwise – this is a fact and cannot be disputed. We do care about our results. We will give an honest assessment before the clean but unfortunately a permanent mark or stain will always be permanent and we can't promise to remove them from the carpet or fabric. If this is the case our expertise will mean we will be able to explain what type of mark is present and why we can't remove it. We can however, hand on heart promise you that your carpets and upholstery will receive the best possible attention to detail available and we believe you will be amazed at the results as are the thousands of our satisfied customers.

Here is the legal bit –

When the work is completed, we will always ask if you are completely satisfied with the service and your payment at that point (whether by cash or cheque) is your confirmation of satisfaction. 

Once work has commenced, it is accepted by you that they have read & understood these terms & conditions in full and that they have agreed to the quotation given, even written or verbally and understand the outcome of the clean that has been explained to you. These terms and conditions are final and are available in a printed document upon request.

We will always test fabrics before cleaning for problems such as colour run and shrinkage and our professional training means we are experts at determining the best practice cleaning for each fibre encountered. However, we will not be held responsible for any problems that were existing before the clean or due to incorrectly fitted or not properly secured carpet and fabrics.

If you are not satisfied that we have delivered what have promised for whatever reason we will ask you to do the following:-

Call us within 24 hours and then send written confirmation within a further 24 hours by email or by letter- failure to do so will invalidate our guarantee policy.

Of course, any guarantee must come with some conditions so a code of practice can be adhered to. Without terms and conditions, a code of practice and level of service can not be set  - ours is simply based on common sense and is there to protect the client and ourselves.

Once this process has begun we will make an appointment with you to discuss the issue and if necessary conduct a further thorough clean, completely FREE OF CHARGE.

If we believe we have let you down in anyway, even after our discussions and your FREE re-clean then of course, we will refund you in full.

Moving furniture?  We will of course move sofa’s, armchairs, dining room tables etc all within reason but we have a duty of care to ourselves that we will not move anything that we feel has a potential of becoming damaged – if that is the case we are sorry but that item of furniture will remain in situ. Likewise with Televisions – due to the increasing amount of wires with digital boxes, playstation, xbox’s etc etc  we just do not move them – we still clean the areas underneath where we can but using a dry clean method – water and electric’s just does not mix !

We have no problem attempting to move furniture that we can but please remember we are Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Professionals and not a removal company so therefore we will not take responsibility for any damage made to an item being moved as unfortunately once some furniture is erected it is not suitable for movement. You will be asked to move any ornaments or pictures etc that we consider a risk to damage.

There will be industrial machinery, vacuum pipe work and high pressure hoses on site when we conduct our clean for you so please take care - we will and we expect you to do also to.

Carpet Kleen is a trading name of Nigel Cole of 42 St Mawes Road, Perton, South Staffordshire, WV6 7UN and is a non franchised and totally independent Company governed by the Law of England and Wales.



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